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The Davis Family at my brother's graduation


My name is Amalina Davis, and I hail from the capital of sunny-land Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, where its either boiling hot or drenching wet. 

My dad is an English-Australian who moved to Malaysia to be with my mom, a tiny Malay lady barely 4foot8. I got my tiny size from my mom (I’m just slightly above 5foot2) and my love for adventure travel from my dad, who hitch-hiked all the way from England to Australia (without the help of internet!)


I moved to Australia to go to university and lived by the beautiful Coogee Beach in Sydney. I studied Chemical Engineering and Business Management, as I couldn’t decide what I really wanted to do in life at 18. 

Five years later, I went on student exchange to Barcelona, Spain, in hopes of picking up some Spanish. Arrived in Barcelona 15 hours later only to realize that they didn’t speak much Spanish there. Barcelona is part of Catalonia, so they speak Catalan….Oh shit. 

barcelona tiles
I left my heart in Barcelona


An eye-opener for me, was how happy they were despite having so little.

I signed up to volunteer in a Women’s Empowerment Centre in India – teaching English to underprivileged children. 

I know – this might sound like the typical white-girl privilege story (in my case, half-white) – going to a developing country thinking we’re going to change the world.

To be honest, I knew that the India trip was going to change my life more than it would the children. 

Let’s be real, you can’t create long-lasting impact from one-month of teaching English. Real impact takes time, years, sometimes decades to create.

But why was I still so adamant on going?

Because I wanted to change my way of thinking and burst this western-world bubble that I live in. This is not reality, despite what the media, TV and internet tells you. 90% of the world don’t live this privileged life.

And boy, did the trip in India change my life. In ways I could never expect. 


At the heart of my travels, have always been the people I encounter along the way. As such, most of my travels revolve around cultural immersion.

I travel to understand local communities, and I use that knowledge to help local communities at home.

    Traveling has taught me how the world lives, what they live for and where they find happiness.

Besides my corporate job in Malaysia, I am also the Vice Curator and Storyteller of Humans of Kuala Lumpur (HOKL), a popular storytelling platform with over 100,000 followers, telling real, raw and intimate stories of everyday Malaysians. 

amalina hokl
On a mission to change the world through stories

As if my hands are not full enough, I am also a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum, a network of dynamic, entrepreneurial and socially-engaged young leaders aged between 20 and 30 from across the world. We are committed to working together to make a positive and tangible impact through local community projects. 


A full-time corporate job has never stopped me from traveling!

Traveling has taught me so much more than any classroom I have ever stepped in, in my 17 years of formal education.  

As cliche as it may sound, it was through traveling that I learnt most about myself. 

I learnt to understand my thoughts and my desires, I learnt to trust and confide in myself and most importantly, I learnt that whatever happens in life, I can always depend on myself. 

And that is why I decided to start this blog – to share that with all of you too. Come and join me in my journey to explore the world, and at the same time, understand a deeper part of yourself. 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you’ll be inspired to start your own journeys too!

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