Cultural Tales

Father of An Autistic Child

“There’s a reason why God created special children, whether its autistic, Down Syndrome or dyslexia. Its to teach us to understand the world from their eyes and look at the world differently. My son was two years old when the doctors diagnosed him as autistic. I had a feeling that something was not right when …

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A Story of My Parents

  “We met when work sent me to Australia to learn a laboratory technique for my research in Malaysia, and he was teaching me how to use the equipment. For our first date, we went to the circus. I was in Australia for six months before returning back to my job in Malaysia. We kept …

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Lessons from Traveling

I have been traveling full time for the past two months and part-time for seven months before that. Within these nine months, I felt like I was let into a secret society of travelers, those who possess insatiable curiosity, something that they try to satisfy by exploring every possible inch of the planet. As an honour to …

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The Tourist’s Contradiction

The world is a contradiction, the universe is a paradox. That definitely applies to people too – human beings are a series of contradictions. Some people say that one is only fruitful at the cost of being rich in contradictions, because the truth lies somewhere in between. Throughout my travels, I have observed some contradictions …

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Adventurous Souls

Are you one of the people that crave for adventure? Or maybe you know someone who finds the constant need to dive into a quest. Here I have outlined some fool-proof methods to identify and hopefully understand  “adventurous souls” that much better.

Venturing Vietnam #2 : Sa Pa

Sa Pa is approximately 380km northwest of Hanoi, an hour away from the China-Vietnam border of Lào Cai. Sa Pa houses the highest mountain in Vietnam, the Fan Si Pan mountain at a staggering height of 3143m. The mountainside was originally inhabited by ethnic minority groups such as the Black Hmong, Dao and Tay. The year …

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