Destination Tales

My Thoughts on Traveling Alone

Prior to moving to Barcelona, I have never traveled alone. Yes, I may take flights and trains alone, but never have I been on a trip planned solely for myself for extended periods of time. Realizing that I may not be able to get this opportunity again, where I am young, filled with energy, absent …

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Lavish Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of those countries that you have barely heard anything about (or most likely never heard of if you’re not from Europe). The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as it is formally known, is a tiny country landlocked between Belgium, Germany and France.

Basking in the Belgium sun

First things first, Belgian food! Did you know that French Fries had it humble beginnings in Belgium? Well, neither did I! So how did fries come to adopt “French” instead of “Belgian” to its name? The tale told among Belgians goes on like this… During World War 1, American soldiers arrived in Belgium and tasted the …

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Seeing Spain at Girona

Hola guapas!! I decided to restart this blog again after more than a year’s hiatus. Previously my travels were left undocumented because it was always “oh I’m too busy with (insert excuse here)” i.e thesis, university, work, socialising. How unfortunate, especially because I have the memory of a goldfish so I tend to forget the details …

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Venturing Vietnam #2 : Sa Pa

Sa Pa is approximately 380km northwest of Hanoi, an hour away from the China-Vietnam border of Lào Cai. Sa Pa houses the highest mountain in Vietnam, the Fan Si Pan mountain at a staggering height of 3143m. The mountainside was originally inhabited by ethnic minority groups such as the Black Hmong, Dao and Tay. The year …

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Venturing Vietnam #1 : Hanoi

Vietnam is a neighboring country to Malaysia, the South East Asian country I call home. Despite its close proximity to Malaysia, little do I know about Vietnam besides its communism practices and its involvement in the Vietnam War. My ignorance was not a hindrance, far from that! Exploring the unknown land has always been a …

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