I'll be honest here. Writing about the places I visited has never really inspired me.

I only realized in hindsight that when someone asked me about my trip to *insert country here*, rarely do I mention the must-see tourist attractions, the breathtaking landscapes or the nightlife scene.

What I do mention instead are the people I have met during my travels. They make my travel experiences richer, more vibrant and simply unforgettable. Each individual has a unique story to tell, the trick is to ask the right questions.

To honour my passion for people, I wanted to take my writing into that direction. This shall be the beginning of a new series, named appropriately,

The People of My Travels

Amalina Davis

Amalina Davis

Malaysian by birth, English-Australian + Malay by heritage, and world citizen by heart. I’m a full-time corporate girl & social advocate, who still manages to fit in cultural-immersive traveling in her hectic life.

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