Like all-travelers, I had to start somewhere, so here’s a chronological list of most of my travels.


Diving the Filipino Waters

Swam with thresher sharks in Malapascua Island, snorkeled with turtles in Moalboal, while getting an Advanced Open Water License. Cebu - check!

December 2019

Roadtrip Across Southern Burma

Traveled overland across Myanmar from Yangon, Bago, Hpa An and Mawlamyine. Discovering the natural beauty whilst getting to know the locals.

September 2019

A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are filled with colourful clothing, traditional music, Bollywood dancing, delicious food and great company. It is the ultimate cultural experience, and to top it off, it was in one of the most romantic locations in India - Udaipur, Rajasthan. 

February 2019

SHAPE Asia Pacific in Bangkok

A gathering of Global Shapers, young changemakers from different corners of the world at SHAPE Asia Pacific in Bangkok. Learnt about a social enterprise that aims to integrate the elderly community into fast-paced modernization happening in Bangkok  

October 2018

Sustainability Trip at the Borneo Jungles

A trip to the depths of Borneo jungle to learn about wealth of biodiversity in a tropical rainforest, sustainability and conservation efforts, and cutting-edge scientific research.

Cherry on top of the cake was getting my Open Course Diving Certification in Sipadan Island, the number one diving spot in the world!

September 2018

Trekking in the Himalayas

Completed the Mardi Himal trek, paraglided at Sarangkot and fell in love with Nepalese kindness ❤

May 2018

African Adventures in Sudan

First time in Africa! Cycling around the city of Khartoum to getting our 4WD stuck in the Sahara desert. Had fun dressing up in Cleopatra costume, raiding ancient pharoah tombs, and camping by the Nubian pyramids.

December 2017

America - Land of The Free

Took a chunk out of the big apple, Masters shopping in the Ivy League universities and solid family bonding sessions

September 2017

Noob's Motorcycle Diaries in Thailand

Motorcycled around the Mae Hong Son loop (well I was just the pillion). 700kms in 5 days with our 125cc rented motorcycle, made friends with Thai bikers and was invited to a biker's festival in the countryside.

We traversed through burnt landscapes and visited villages of the local Karen people.  

February 2017

Onsen-hopping in Japan

The bizarre Japanese art of making public nudity appear decent, only they can master. I was awkward as f, to say the least….

April 2016

Returning to the Motherland

Moved back to Malaysia and reflected on the Lessons I've Learnt from Traveling.

Explored new parts of Malaysia in Kapas Island with white sandy beaches and tranquil blue waters

September 2015

Love Story on the Road

Explored Northern Portugal & Scotland with a man I met in Madrid two months prior. He eventually became my boyfriend of two years, a long-distance relationship spanning two continents.

Unfortunately, like most long-distances, it didn’t end in happy ever after – but I got an epic love story out of it!

August 2015

Eastern European Solo Grad Trip

  • Cycled, kayaked and camped at the Polish port-town of Gdansk, Gydnia and Sopot. Witnessed first-hand the World War concentration camps at Auschwitz.
  • Boat trips on the Charles River at Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Of course, what’s a Eurotrip without a stopover in Bratislava, Slovakia?This trip solidified my choice for the adventurous life. Where's the fun in being normal anyway? 

July 2015

Learn Spanish in a Month

Q: Best way to learn a language?

A: Live with a family!

Ventured to Jaen, South of Spain, for a month-long cultural immersion. Thanks to 

July 2015

Back to the Fatherland

A week in United Kingdom for a little family reunion, my brother’s graduation, and prancing around Cambridge pretending to be a master’s student.

Traveling with my family (read:mum) made me wonder about tourists contradictions. 

May 2015

First solo trip!

April 2015

Snowboarding in Andorra

Andorra, a tiny country known for its skiing resorts and tax-haven status.

March 2015

Student Exchange to Spain

Hola España! Me encanta Barcelona 💋 And the less-known countryside town of Girona.

Exchange was the time when I've traveled & written most content in my life.

For students who want to travel to your hearts content, save up some money and go on exchange!

December 2014

The Barren Land Down Under

Can't say you've seen all of Australia until you've been to Uluru. Where flies thrive and humans wither

October 2014 

Campervan through New Zealand

All girls campervan trip across New Zealand's South Island. Kayaked with a school of dolphins in Milford Sound. 

P/S: NZ is still the most beautiful place I've ever been to. Dreams to retire there is strong

July 2014

Venturing Vietnam

Sleeper train from Hanoi to Sa Pa mountains in search of snow and shared a meal with a Black Hmong family 

Spoiler alert: we didn't find any much snow

I started my first travel blog - The Exploring Engineer. Since I am no longer an engineer, I have learnt the expensive lesson of rebranding. Don't fuck up  choose your blog name wisely 

December 2013

Volunteering in Rajasthan, India

The most life-changing trip I've had - volunteering at Sambhali's Trust, a Women's Empowerment Centre, teaching English to underprivileged children and microfinance to single mothers. 

This trip shaped my love for social advocacy through understanding local communities

July 2013

Temple Hunting in Cambodia

Visiting the temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia

P/S: I had a whole phase of taking jumping photos during my travels. More coming up, bear with me.

December 2012

A Traveler's Rite of Passage

Eurotripping - 1 month, 3 university buddies, 4 countries and 10 cities

July 2012

Leaving the comforts of home

At 18, I moved to Sydney, Australia to do a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Business Management in University of New South Wales

February 2010

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