We flew in to Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, from Kuala Lumpur via Airasia. Located in the south of Myanmar, this is where most visitors would land - as it is home to the largest international airport within the country.

IMG_8219 (2)
Be greeted by lush greenery as you fly into Yangon

Our one week roadtrip itinerary of Southern Myanmar covered the regions of;

Yangon > Bago > Hpa An > Mawlamyine

Myanmar roadtrip

Keep on reading to find out how we traveled through all of South Myanmar via multiple land transportations, namely taxis, trains, busses & motorcycles!

Day 1-2 : Yangon via Grab


Whizzing around Yangon is pretty easy with a Grab. All you need is a smartphone with internet connection, and you're good to go. Your Grab driver doesn't even need to speak the same language, since the destination is entered on the app itself.

Our Grab driver uses a fresh flowers as natural air freshener

Shwe Dagon Pagoda made out of pure gold is the centre of Yangon's attraction

Tricycles are abundant surrounding Shwe Dagon


Day 3 - 4 : Bago via train


The journey from Yangon to Bago via train will take slightly less than two hours. Having gone through my fair share of trains around Asia, I was pretty impressed by the train standards in Myanmar.

It was pretty easy to get a train ticket over the counter without prior booking.  Tickets were very cheap, the ordinary class from Yangon to Bago was only 600 kyats (MYR2 = USD 0.40)!

Ticket counter attendees spoke decent english

Yangon Central waiting area

First class tickets were out so ordinary class it is!

ordinary class
Ordinary class train in Myanmar

First class train in Myanmar


The train ride was pleasant, with the exception of a random stopover midway that lasted over an hour. Managed to sneak in a couple of shots of locals to fill up our time.

Burmese monks wear dark earthy coloured robes


"Would you like some snacks?"

"Why did the train stop?"

Lush green landscapes along the train ride


Day 5 - 6 : Hpa An via bus


The bus ride from Bago to Hpa An took about 4.5 hours, priced at 7,000 kyats (MYR 20 = USD 5) with airconditioning. Journey was overall smooth but the bus itself was freezing so don't forget your jumper. The bus is able to stop anywhere on the main road and even dropped us off right in front of our hotel!


Day 7: Mawlamyine via motorcycle


Once we had a taste of riding the motorcycle, it became pretty addictive. The open road seemed so carefree, it lets you enjoy the scenery and get up close and personal with the locals. We have met so many kind souls through our 150km ride from Hpa-An to Mawlamyine, which we started around 10am and ended by 5pm.

The open road called to us singing songs of freedom

Ride for the day

Friendly Burmese whom offered us a taste of their locally brewed drink




Beauty of its natural landscapes enchanted us

Roadtrip sights



Having taken various transportation options across Myanmar, I can conclude that my favourite was the motorcycle. You are free to go at your own time, with your own pace and at your own route.

Having said that, each transportation method has its own pros and cons. Let me know which transportation you prefer most down below!

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Amalina Davis

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