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Here you can find tales of my travels around the world, in search for the greatest adventure and the elusive self.

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Did you quit your REAL job to travel?


Definitely the most common question I get from friends & family.

Short answer: NOPE

Long answer: Read on.. I started traveling as a student, but I never stopped traveling even after started working full-time in corporate Malaysia. In fact, I have a full-time corporate gig, and two side hustles passion projects that fill up my time.

So how do I find time to travel?

Simple. Make travel a priority. Set travel goals – I target a minimum of one new country per year, which I usually exceed without much issues. Change your traveling style to suit your working life. Take shorter but more meaningful trips. Instead of trying to cover the most number of countries, I travel to one country, one region, a time. 

I am living proof that you DO NOT need to quit your job to have a life of travel.


My Travel Philosophy